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Volkswagen's Piech, defeated at last, resigns as chairman

HAMBURG/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Ferdinand Piech, a towering figure at Volkswagen for more than two decades, resigned as its chairman on Saturday after losing a showdown with Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn, ending an era at the iconic German carmaker.



Now out, Bruce Jenner shines spotlight on transgender inequality

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In coming out as a transgender woman, U.S. Olympic gold medalist and TV reality star Bruce Jenner made clear that while he is keen to help raise awareness about problems faced by the community, he is not self-appointing himself as a spokesman.


Thousands of coal workers march in Berlin in protest against climate tax

BERLIN (Reuters) - Thousands of coal miners and workers in coal-fired plants marched in Berlin on Saturday to protest a proposed levy on the oldest, most polluting power stations, saying it could lead to massive job losses and the decline of the industry in Germany.


Seven players disciplined after White Sox-Royals brawl

(Reuters) - Six players were suspended and a seventh fined by Major League Baseball (MLB) on Saturday following Thursday's benches-clearing brawl between the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals.


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