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Weather-proof hair

It may be summer but that doesn't always mean the rain has disappeared. With such unpredictable weather, it's hard to know how to style your hair. You want a 'do which will look cute against your floral dress, but will keep its shape if the heavens decide to open.


China's coal industry says times are hard, outlook worse

BEIJING (Reuters) - More than 70 percent of China's coal firms are making losses, the head of the coal industry association said on Thursday, with prices eroded by falling demand growth, a worsening supply glut and a war on smog.


Indian sports minister irked by turban row

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Basketball's no-headgear rule has irked the Indian sports minister who has reacted with anger after two Sikh members of the men's national team had to remove their turbans before they were allowed to play in the recent Asia Cup in China.


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