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Chanel takes fashionistas to the casino at Haute Couture show

PARIS (Reuters) - Chanel has taken its fashion show audiences to a spoof supermarket, a pop-up brasserie as well as a faux street protest to present its clothes. On Tuesday, the glamorous design house took them gambling at a makeshift casino.


Another Indian firm under fire for shoddy clinical trials work

LONDON/MUMBAI (Reuters) - Another Indian clinical research organization, Quest Life Sciences of Chennai, is in trouble over defective trials work, including manipulation of heart readings, according to a warning issued by the World Health Organization.


Wimbledon's famous strawberries now mush

LONDON (Reuters) - There's a new way to ingest strawberries at Wimbledon this year but the public isn't invited and the famous berries from the nearby English county of Kent aren't eaten with a spoon and don't come with cream either.


Popemobile online game pokes fun at Paraguay's potholes

ASUNCION (Reuters) - An online game in which Pope Francis careers through the streets of Asuncion in his "popemobile" dodging potholes is delighting Paraguayans fed up with the capital city's dilapidated streets.

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